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Autism Spectrum News: Supporting Parents in the Transition Process

Autism Spectrum News - January 2019Transition programming is much more likely to succeed if families and professionals communicate effectively about goals and expectations and locate realistic alignment before and at the start of transition programming.

Adulting was on Oxford Dictionary’s 2016 short list for word of the year. “Adulting” is an endearing word that flashes an instant, sympathetic understanding about the scary, confusing, and sometimes dull aspects of being a grown-up. Parents watching their children’s wobbly advances toward adulthood understand their ambivalence. Here are a few points for parents and transition program professionals to consider before and during a transition experience.

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Published in Autism Spectrum News, Winter 2019

About the Author: Elizabeth Roberts

Dr. Elizabeth Roberts is CIP's Director of Clinical Support Services. She joined CIP in 2017 and is thrilled to have the opportunity to assist CIP in offering compassionate, individualized, thoughtful, evidence-based care and support to young adults with ASD or other learning differences to help them reach their potential in independent living, work, creative expression, social, and educational domains.

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