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Autism Spectrum News: Three Strategies to Strengthen Communication for Adults with Autism and Learning Differences

Autism Spectrum NewsCommunication is an essential skill that contributes to success with relationships. Individuals with ASD particularly focus on growth in their communicative skills for a majority of their lives. With young adulthood comes the combination of self-identity development and the presentation of more abstract social situations. A common challenge many young adults with ASD experience involves handling these complicated social conflicts that call for higher level processing needs. As a result, advocacy and communication become difficult as interpersonal goals and awareness of social constructs become convoluted.

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Published in Autism Spectrum News, Spring 2019

About the Author: Jolene Liang

Jolene Liang is the Social Skills Coordinator at CIP Long Beach. Jolene and her team strives to assist CIP students in gaining the social skills necessary to thrive in adulthood. They also aim to provide an open environment for students to work through their social challenges and experience social competencies through community-based lessons.

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