Get To Know Jasmin Londono-Jenkins: CIP Brevard's Social Skills Coordinator

In-Focus features a staff member as a way to learn more about our amazing staff. This time, we highlight CIP Brevard's Social Skills Coordinator, Jasmin Londono-Jenkins.


We asked Jasmin a few questions about her role, her CIP experience, and what she does when she’s not at the Brevard Center.


What’s your most memorable CIP experience at CIP?

My most memorable experience this year has been participating in Brevard’s Field Day/Pi Day Celebration. It was nice to relax and enjoy the day with our students and staff without having to give as much immediate feedback. It was a great reminder of all the progress made throughout the year watching students independently start conversations, advocate to play kickball, and interact with one another during the water balloon/shaving cream fight. 


What have you most learned in your time at CIP? 

I’ve learned that flexibility and creativity are a must in this profession and every adult I have had the pleasure of working with has a varying learning style that I must learn, and adapt with.  Buzzwords are a life saver in group settings, especially since students tend to struggle when accepting feedback in front of their peers. Kindness, compassion, and the occasional reality check go a long way. 


How has CIP helped you grow in your career? 

CIP has really brought out my creative thinking and enhanced my ability to respond to any situation. I’ve learned that there’s no single solution or approach I can standardize, and no single response method to any of the students I work with, as I often have to implement multiple strategies into one appointment. This diverse environment has truly brought out my confidence and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and not only bolstered my strength, but also honed the skills I hadn’t yet developed. 


What’s your favorite part about working at CIP? 

My favorite part about working at CIP is that everyday is different. I’m constantly on my toes trying to create even more interactive and individualized programming. I also enjoy planning the weekend activities for our students and love receiving feedback from a great day out in the community, knowing that they chose to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. 


Tell us a fun fact about yourself. 

I’ve traveled to 43 countries but have only been to 14 states in the US.


Is there anything your colleagues don’t know about you that you’d like to share? 

I love reading science fiction/fantasy books in my free time and enjoy refurbishing furniture for my home. 

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