Webinar: Autistic Women Speaker Panel; From Self-Awareness to Self-Determination

This webinar was originally held on Tuesday, April 20, 2021
We hope you join us for this insightful panel discussion that will explore the experiences of several autistic women as they share their own unique perspectives. The panelists will highlight their road to diagnosis, masking/camouflaging, education, careers, and more!

CIP is proud to welcome the following panel of accomplished Autistic Women that are making their mark within the Autism community and beyond!

* Summer Galloway is an Autistic Adults Community Organizer & Consultant and Founder of Autistic NJ
* Shannon O'Hara Wiora is Founder of Young Autistic People of Virginia and serving as a National Youth of Self Advocates Advisory Board Member at Family Voices
* Meaghan Flemming Buck is the Founding Director at Spectrum of South Jersey
* Robin Roscigno is the Owner of AuTeach: Autism Education and Outreach
* Stephanie Diorio is a Local History Librarian at Hoboken Public Library
* Nadya is the founder of Artemis, a community social group for autistic women, femmes, and nonbinary people in NYC

Please note that language will be heavily gendered speaking about Autistic women but we hope that any Autistic individual assigned female at birth can relate to the experiences that will be discussed throughout our panel webinar.

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