Ten Lessons in Transitioning from High School to College for Students with Autism and Learning Differences

This article was recently published in Autism Spectrum News.

"College success is about a student’s ability to adapt how they learn and remain motivated during that process. In a study published by the American Psychological Association, one student puts it quite succinctly: “In high school, you learn the material in class. In college, most learning takes place outside the classroom.”


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About Mary Sokolowski, Ph.D.

Before joining The College Internship Program, Mary worked for twenty years in the field of post-secondary education as an instructor and administrator. She served as adjunct faculty at several colleges and universities in the northeast. As National Enrollment Specialist at CIP, Mary is responsible for initiating and developing relationships with neurodiverse students and their families. She guides families through the CIP admissions process, from their first inquiry to their potential enrollment at one of five national centers.