Resources to Help Build Social, Executive Function, and Academic Skills


The following list of resources can help supplement a multifaceted approach to build social, executive function, and academic skills.


    • Full of information and free recorded webinars to help professionals work with students who have learning differences such as Dyslexia, ADHD and ASD.
    • Great resource for audio book recordings of real people describing each part of the book. Note: I download webinars to listen to when I am working on organizing material or cleaning my office.  They can be paused and played at my convenience. In the end, I walk away with a better understanding of how to tutor students with various learning challenges.
    • You can purchase tools to support executive functioning
    • Free executive functioning assessment
    • provides supporting material for textbooks written by Dr. Fralick for those teaching student success courses
    • college prep and career material

Relationship Development

    1. All websites in which doctors answer questions about sexuality
  3. Intimate Relationships and Sexual Health: A Curriculum for Teaching Adolescents/Adults With High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Social Challenges by: Catherine Davies and Melissa Dubie Note: When Teaching about interpersonal relationships, I  use the text and format of this book which makes it easier to talk about challenging subjects.  In addition, they provide resources for the students to explore on their own that are credible, safe and relatable. Truly a teaching curriculum for our students.
  4. Asperger’s Syndrome and Sexuality: From Adolescence through adulthood by Isabelle Henault

Academic Advising

  1. Realizing the College Dream with Autism or Asperger Syndrome: A Parent’s Guide to Student Success by Ann Palmer
  2. Navigating College: A Handbook on Self Advocacy Written for Autistic Students from Autistic Adults by ASAN: The Autistic Self Advocacy Network

Study Skills

  1. Executive Functioning Workbook by Melissa Mullin
  2. Crash Course for Study Skills by Marty Soper
  3. Study Skills by Joan Sedita

Executive Functioning

  1. Where’s My Stuff? by Samantha Moss
  2. Assessment and Intervention for Executive Function Difficulties by George McCloskey
  3. Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents by Peg Dawson and Richard Gurare
  4. The Source for Executive Function Disorders by Susanne Phillips Keely
  5. The Executive Functioning Workbook for Teens by Sharon Hansen Note: This book provides an assessment to guide the students through the many activities within the text.  I use the activities for fresh ways to present executive functioning concepts.

Theory of Mind/Social Skills Text Resources:

  1. Building Social Relationships by Scott Bellini
  2. Social Thinking Worksheets for Tweens and Teens: Learning to Read in Between the Social Lines by Michelle Garcia Winner
  3. Thinking About You Thinking About Me by Michelle Garcia Winner
  4. Looking Out Looking In by Ronald B. Adler and Russel F. ProctorII
  5. What Did You Say? What Did You Mean? by Jude Welton

About the Author: Ryan Therriault

Ryan Therriault, MA is the Lead Academic Coordinator at CIP Brevard. From the University of Central Florida, she received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Cultural Anthropology and a Master of Arts in Social Science Education. She appreciates the opportunity to train, develop projects and facilitate communication with the Academic Coordinators at all CIP Centers.