CIP Student Profiles: Jacob D. Enrolls at RIT, Finds Employment as Systems Administrator

Jacob D. is now going into his second year at CIP. When not busy taking classes at Berkshire Community College (BCC), he enjoys playing Magic (a collectible card game), hanging out with his friends, and hosting LAN (local area network) parties on the weekends.


He has had many successes since coming to CIP, including an A in Oral Communications in the fall semester. He also played on the CIP Volleyball team and was a key player in several matches. He is returning for the summer semester, and is taking a statistics course at BCC.


Jake looks forward to eventually getting a job in Game Design, possibly with the company Blizzard. “CIP’s supports helped out a lot.” Jacob said. As if to accentuate that point, Jacob was awarded First Year Student of the Year at the annual CIP Convocation and Awards Ceremony. Jacob is a fine example of one of the many CIP success stories.


Update: Jake graduated from CIP Berkshire and went on to attend Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) majoring in Computer and Network Security. He works as an Assistant PC Systems Administrator.


"People here want me to succeed, rather than expect me to succeed."




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