Get To Know Alex Diaz: CIP National Enrollment Specialist


Our In-Focus blog feature highlights a staff member as a way to learn more about the incredible professionals we have across CIP. This month, we focus on Alex Diaz, National Enrollment Specialist.


We asked Alex a few questions about her role, her CIP experience, and what she does when she’s not at the Center.


What’s your most memorable CIP experience?

The Letting Go Sessions during parent orientations always get to me. The way Pilar, Program Director at CIP Berkeley, facilitates the session always results in heartfelt tears from parents. 


What have you most learned in your time at CIP?

As Dr. Stephen Shore says, “if you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.” Each one of our students is a unique individual with so much to offer the world. 


How has CIP helped you grow in your career?

Although I worked in alternative education before arriving at CIP, I had limited experience working with young adults with autism. I have learned a great deal about the diagnosis and have continued to expand my network of professionals in the field to generate awareness about CIP. 


What’s your favorite thing about working at CIP?

The camaraderie! The camaraderie between staff amongst each other and the camaraderie between the staff and students is very special. I love when students walk up to me and begin a conversation or email me just to check-in. We are a very special community at CIP!


Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I am trying to learn Japanese. It is a very slow process, but I can now inform someone that I eat veggies and fish, but no meat in the language. 


Is there anything your colleagues don’t know about you that you’d like to share?

When I was working at CIP Berkeley, Student Forums were not-so-secretly one of my favorite parts of the week. 

About College Internship Program

The College Internship Program is a comprehensive transition program for young adults on the Autism Spectrum and with Learning Differences. Our Mission is to inspire independence and expand the foundation on which young adults with Autism, ADHD, and other Learning Differences can build happy and productive lives.

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