Summer Program Video Scholarship Contest

Our 2021 Video Scholarship Contest is now closed. Check out the winning entries here!


Our Summer@CIP Video Contest for Summer 2021 is closed - take a look at our three (3) winning entries!

Watch the 2021 video contest winners' videos below! 

Rules for 2022:

1. You must produce your own original video using a digital video camera, phone, or laptop with camera.

2. Create your video: in 1-3 minutes tell us why you want to attend our Summer Program!

  • Aim high and shoot for success!
  • Be energetic!
  • Be real!
  • Be creative!
  • Tell us why you want to attend Summer@CIP!

3. Upload your video to your YouTube or Vimeo account.

4. Fill out the submission form with your video link. 


Tips for Making a Good Video:

  • Use a tripod or set your camera down – Stabilizing your camera or cell phone will drastically improve the quality of your video and remove shakiness.
  • Good lighting is important – Avoid standing in front of windows or other bright lights inside. Go outdoors during the day and you can pretty much guarantee good lighting.
  • Good audio – Avoid noisy places. Stay close enough to your camera so that the microphone picks up your voice.
  • Use the high-quality settings on your camera or phone – If your video is uploaded and the quality is very bad, you may not qualify to win.

Rules & Regulations:

The selected winners must meet the Summer@CIP Program's admissions criteria, apply, interview, and be accepted into the program in order to claim their scholarship.


If you have any questions about the video contest or admissions process, please contact our National Admissions Office at or by phone at 877-566-9247.

Sponsored by:

The scholarships are provided by College Internship Program (CIP) and Matters of Community, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the integration of special needs children into the mainstream community through the use of music, art, theater, and sports.

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