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Webinar: Beyond the Binary: A Guide to Understanding Gender Diversity


This webinar originally took place on Tuesday, August 25, 2020.

Gender has traditionally been discussed in terms of male and female roles, but our understanding has expanded in recent years. 

Gender has traditionally been discussed in terms of male and female roles, but our understanding has expanded in recent years. Susan Knoppow, the parent of two non-binary children, will help untangle this complex, confusing issue from a personal perspective as a parent and discuss what a new understanding of gender can mean for us, our families, and our communities. Susan will explore the basics (How does gender differ from sexuality?), pronouns (Is they really singular?), adult engagement (How can we support the teens we care about?), and how students might share their gender journey with others if they choose to.

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About Susan Knoppow


Susan Knoppow is CEO of Wow Writing Workshop, a Michigan-based company that leads the college admissions industry with their unique approach to the college application essay. Focused, incisive and creative, Susan can turn the most daunting writing challenge into a series of simple steps; she conceptualized and developed the Wow Method for teaching writing. A former executive speechwriter and copywriter, Susan is also a published poet and essayist and holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan and an MFA in Writing from Vermont College.


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