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The Hunt for a Paid Job When You Are on the Autism Spectrum

By Janell Yonkman, MS, OTR CIP Bloomington and CIP Student Andrew McKearin

Republished with permission from Autism Spectrum News

Looking for a job today can be challenging, especially for someone with autism. The application and resume submission process is all done online. No filling out paperwork or snail mailing resumes. Rarely do you ever have a point person you can contact.

The job hunt can be tough but the rewards are remarkable, especially for students on the autism spectrum who try to secure employment.

CIP's Janell Yonkman interviewed student Andrew McKearin about his experience with finding his first job out of college.Also known as The College Internship Program, (CIP) is a national transition program for young adults with autism and learning differences. Andrew is enrolled in CIP's program in Bloomington, Indiana.

Andrew persevered throughout the job hunt process and landed a job at Indiana University's Bookstore in Bloomington, Indiana. His job duties include working primarily as a cashier, shelf stocking and occasional trash removal.

Andrew's interview with advisor and occupational therapist Janell Yonkman provides insight and advice for young adults on the spectrum who are searching for paid employment.

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