Statement on the Conviction of Derek Chauvin

Dear CIP Community,
Throughout history and more vividly over the last year, months, and weeks, we continue to see violence, injustice, and inequity take place against people of color, those who are neurodiverse, and other people who are disadvantaged due to systematic inequalities that exist and must change. 
At CIP, we are committed to making positive change as an organization and taking action in a sustainable and impactful way. Below is a recent statement from ASAN on the conviction of all charges of Derek Chauvin. ASAN is an organization that we support, value, and trust greatly to advocate on behalf of our community.

Thank you,

Dan McManmon

ASAN Statement on the Conviction of Derek Chauvin


Last year, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd, a Black man, by kneeling on his neck for nine and a half minutes. This murder was inexcusable, and part of a systemic pattern of police violence that disproportionately affects Black people and other people of color in the United States, particularly Black people with disabilities. 


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