CIP Spring Term Outcomes 2023!

We are delighted to announce the outstanding achievements of our CIP students during the Spring Term of 2023 (January to May!) It is with great pride that we share the remarkable outcomes of our students' dedication and hard work at the College Internship Program's (CIP) Centers of Excellence across the US.


Academic Excellence

Our students have once again demonstrated their commitment to education with an impressive cumulative GPA of 3.0. This is a testament to their perseverance and engagement in the classroom, showcasing their determination to excel in their academic pursuits. Throughout the term, CIP students enrolled in 280 classes, earning a total of 814 credits across 20 different colleges and universities.


We are thrilled to announce that 14 students have successfully completed degrees and certifications in various fields. Some of the notable accomplishments include degrees such as BA in Psychology, BA in Legal Studies, BA in Liberal Studies, AA in Studio Arts, AA in Creative Writing, AS in Computer Information, and several certifications such as Accounting, Veterinary Assistance, and Technical Theater.


College to Careers

At CIP, we believe in preparing our students not just academically but also for the world of work.  These achievements are a reflection of the diverse interests and talents of our students. This term, 48 CIP students took on paid employment while successfully managing their studies. The places of employment vary widely, from the Home Depot to the Long Beach Fire Department, showcasing the diverse opportunities our students have been able to explore.


Engaging in the Community

CIP students have demonstrated a strong sense of social responsibility, participating in a total of 1468 hours of community service during the Spring Term. Their active involvement in giving back to the community showcases the values we instill in them - compassion, empathy, and the desire to make a positive impact on society.


Active Participation and Social Enrichment

Attendance is a key indicator of engagement, and we are proud to share that CIP students achieved an average cumulative attendance rate of 86%. This high attendance rate reflects the dedication and enthusiasm of our students in actively participating in the CIP program. Additionally, they were actively involved in 431 planned social activities across all five Centers, fostering friendships and creating lasting memories.


These accomplishments match the unwavering support from our CIP staff, faculty, and the incredible resilience and determination of our students. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to every individual who has contributed to the success of our CIP community during the Spring Term of 2023.


CIP is dedicated to empowering our students to reach their full potential, enabling them to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives. Once again, congratulations to our exceptional students on their achievements! We are excited to witness their continued growth and accomplishments in the terms to come.

About College Internship Program

The College Internship Program is a comprehensive transition program for young adults on the Autism Spectrum and with Learning Differences. Our Mission is to inspire independence and expand the foundation on which young adults with Autism, ADHD, and other Learning Differences can build happy and productive lives.