CIP Long Beach Student Volunteers Complete Beautification Project at VA Hospital

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CIP Long Beach was able to support the VA Hospital Patient Garden & Barber City Women’s Club of Westminster, CA with planting geraniums on the property for Autism Awareness Month. The Barber City Women’s Club was established in 1917, and this year is their 90th birthday of providing community charity work.

Through their fundraising events, the group provides three $1,000 educational scholarships to women who live in the city of Westminster. In addition, they give educational supplies for a school in South Africa,  provides supplies of all types to two different domestic violence shelters, and work with other nonprofits and individuals in the community who need assistance.

Recently the club house went under renovation and the flowers were trampled by work crews. CIP students worked together to propose a community service “beautification” project to plant geraniums that were in the front area of the building.

The VA Hospital’s Patient Garden has agreed to collaborate with CIP students by donating and caring for the geraniums until they are planted. The club members invited several students from CIP to present their plan on planting geraniums, during a Monthly Board Meeting on April 26th.

A CIP student says:

“I love being a part of the VA Patient feels like we're giving back and I feel a sense of happiness & pride. It the best feeling to know that you are helping others!”

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