Get To Know Ryan Therriault: CIP Brevard’s Academic Coordinator

Our new, In-Focus blog feature highlights a staff member as a way to learn more about the incredible professionals we have across CIP. For this In-Focus, we hear from Ryan Therriault Hayes, Academic Coordinator, CIP Brevard.


We asked Ryan a few questions about her role, her CIP experience, and what she does when she’s not at the Center.


What’s your most memorable CIP experience?

In my almost 13 years at CIP I have had so many memories.  My favorites are the memories that are created by our annual events.  

  • Convocation when we recognize accomplishments and wish a bittersweet goodbye to those who are moving on.
  • Pie day when we engage in our annual pie in the face and subsequent pie fight.
  • Kindness day and gratitude events where we give each other gifts, encouragement and engage in kind actions.
  • Halloween where we decorate the whole center for the month, then dress up and celebrate.
  • Talent shows, karaoke, and virtual games where we just let loose and act silly.

What have you most learned in your time at CIP?

  • To be empathetic because everyone has a story and there is always a reason. Once you know that, you can figure out what approach might work best.
  • To have patience because even if it hasn't happened, that doesn't mean it won't happen. 
  • To be firm with rules and boundaries, but understanding of missing foundational skills.

How has CIP helped you grow in your career?

When I started at CIP I studied everything that I could get my hands on that had to do with the field.  As I continued on with CIP, I searched for more strategies and engaging activities to get our message across.  CIP has encouraged and allowed me to experience a number of conferences, workshops, and educational experiences.  I was also encouraged to turnkey what I learned, which helped me to fully understand what I learned as well as create deliverable tools.


What’s your favorite thing about working at CIP?

  • Singing with colleagues and students
  • When a student works really hard and gets what they deserve
  • The connection with and support from colleagues
  • The flexibility to modify my approach
  • Learning new things

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.


I love learning about animals and spending time in nature. In particular, I find insects fascinating. 


Is there anything your colleagues don’t know about you that you’d like to share?

 I didn't know what executive function was when I started at CIP.

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