CIP Student Profiles: Bloomington Student Interns at Skate Shop, Vintage Shop

Jacky H., a CIP Bloomington student who is working on an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration at Ivy Tech Community College, spends a lot of time both visiting friends and interning at Rhett Skateboarding. For him it is a place of acceptance and recognition.


Rhett provides a perfect venue for collecting identity capital by offering opportunities for interacting with coworkers and customers, to learn about marketing principles and general maintenance responsibilities, and to feel more comfortable running the cash register.


Jacky also helps out at A-Z Vintagea locally owned store specializing in vintage clothing and collectibles.  In his free time Jacky loves to skateboard, collect humorous cat photos, and practice drawing anime characters. One of his most notable Character Strengths is zest and enthusiasm for life.




About College Internship Program

The College Internship Program is a comprehensive transition program for young adults on the Autism Spectrum and with Learning Differences. Our Mission is to inspire independence and expand the foundation on which young adults with Autism, ADHD, and other Learning Differences can build happy and productive lives.