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CIP Alum Adria Nassim Writes Autism Perspective Blog for Bloomington Herald Times


We're so proud of what CIP alum Adria has accomplished during and after her time with CIP. You can read her first blog on the Bloomington Herald Times website, but you need a subscription to read the full text. A scanned copy of the article can be read here.

Adria has worked for the Indiana Center for Survey Research and is currently working part-time at CIP. She has written articles for the Ryder, a local Bloomington Magazine and does advocacy work for the local chapter of the Down’s Syndrome association in Bloomington. Adria completed her BA in English in 2010. She is living on her own in Bloomington with her service dog Lucy.

In 2013 she launched a consulting company called Adria’s Village. AV is based on the African Proverb “It takes a village to raise a child.”

The purpose of Adria’s Village is to empower pre-professionals, current service providers, and parents to serve children, adolescents, and young adults with autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, and other diagnoses. It is a place where they can learn to be great service providers through public speaking engagements and custom presentations. They can get real-life experiences and examples from the population these providers aspire to serve or are currently serving.

You can visit Adria’s Village on Facebook and check out her blog and other resources at:

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