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Autism Parenting Magazine - An Excerpt from Mploy: A Job Readiness Workbook

Autism Parenting Magazine CIP Mploy

Goodness of Fit: Selecting the Right Job for Yourself

by Michael McManmon, EdD, Michele Ramsay, EdD, Jennifer Kolarik, BS Psychology

Excerpted from Mploy: A Job Readiness Workbook
Scheduled for Publication in 2017 by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London

Published in Autism Parenting Magazine, Issue 60, April 2017

Only you know what kind of people you want to be around and what type of environment you want to work in. Only you know what lighting and noise you can tolerate on a job. So what areas should you be considering in looking at employment?

In order to set yourself up for success, you need to honor your emotional, social and sensory needs and not waste time looking at employment in places that you know you will be anxious or unhappy. This article will help you discover the right fit for you.

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