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Autism Daily Newscast: College Program Helps People with Autism Transition into Adulthood

Autism Daily NewscastBerkeley, CA -- A Berkeley college program called College Internship Program (CIP) helps people with autism become adults. The program was founded by Michael McManmon (who was diagnosed with Asperger’s at age 52) and aims to ease the transition into adulthood by teaching independent living skills such as cooking, social, job, and education skills such as time management in preparation for entering the workforce or college. The program has campuses in Massachusetts, Indiana, Florida, and Long Beach, California.

The Berkeley CIP was built in 2007 and 17 residents live in apartments with roommates near the Berkeley campus. One resident Memo Hernandez met with San Jose Mercury News and mentioned how this program will help him realize his dream of getting a job in physics or chemistry and, learning to make art that will inspire others. Most of all, he wants to be a productive member of society-something the program believes everyone it helps can be.

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